Revitalize Your Life

Go beyond balance!

High performance and authentic success can't be achieved or sustained without transforming the person at the centre of it all — you. The Life-Work Integrity® Coaching program provides lasting foundations to sustain work-life balance, reduce stress, ramp up energy and vitality, and grow prosperity and fulfillment in all areas of your life and work.

Love Your Work

Work with purpose.

Life's too short to spend half of it doing work that kills your soul! Meaningful work is not a luxury. When aligned with your passions, strengths and purpose, work provides the ultimate super power - an energy source that renews itself the more you use it and fuels the focus, commitment and courage you need to succeed on your own terms.

Invigorate Your Business

Make your mark.

Conscious entrepreneurs passionate about impact and income have the power to change the world, but only 51% make it past the 5 year mark. It doesn't have to be that way. For 20 years we've provided purpose-driven businesses the expertise and street smart systems they need to beat the odds, make money, and make their mark on the world.

Change your life today.

I had the opportunity to work with Kyosei last year. It was a really helpful experience personally and professionally. To have two experienced people to bounce around ideas and explore possibilities with I found like I had discovered my own think tank. Their enthusiasm for my success was sincere and energizing. I completed my sessions with an actionable list and a much clearer direction, actions that would helped me to prioritize my time and build up to my next level of success. The benefits of those sessions continue to evolve even now, months later!

Lisa C.

Although we are still in the process of working together and working towards getting our ducks in a row, Kyosei has assisted us in initiating changes through their various work modules. In a short period of time, our company is well on our way to next level that we had hoped to get to. Lots of work ahead, but it's more about the energy that Kyosei put forth and the broad knowledge of systems and processes that is helping us feel confident to embark on the changes that we hired them to help us add structure to our young company.

Vicky A.

I can feel all the pieces of my life coming together and there is a powerful wind pushing me forward into the life I feel I am meant to live. This work is essential alchemy for transforming a good life into an exceptional one! Thank you so much for the opportunity to grow.

Jennifer H.

An awesome experience. I can only describe it as an awakening. My attitude towards life, once old and familiar, is now new again. Rather than feel bitter towards my job loss I am feeling grateful for the opportunity to truly find and LIVE my life's passion.

Patricia G.

One of the most inspirational and insightful occasions of my life! It helped me to clarify my values, interests and goals... and to see career possibilities beyond just what was expected of me or just what I'm good at. The materials are still, even after these several years, having a very positive impact on my life.

Barbara A.

I felt like I was just floating through life, not sure if what I was doing was really my path. After, I felt a sense of purpose and passion in my life! It forced me to open up, realize and accept who I am, what my potential is, and what my talents and values truly are. I have such a sense of who the real me really is!!! I also realized that my talents could be incorporated into my current work life! I have a renewed sense of excitement, enthusiasm and zest for my work and personal life!

Shawna V.

We have all heard the catch phrases like empowering your people but never before have I found a program that gives you the tools to find out what your employees value so that you can empower them to do their best. Thank you for creating an avenue for people to find out what their true core beliefs are and how to incorporate those into their personal and professional lives.

Sara T.

It was an opportunity to discover alternative ways of using my talents within the organization and view my role from a fresh perspective. It is so easy for people to get caught up in the daily issues at work and it is important to take the time to discover what is meaningful in their lives. It was a wonderful to have the opportunity to assess where my decisions and choices are leading me.

Lorie T.

Extremely helpful in providing personal insight into the barriers that were preventing me from moving my career forward.

Meloney P.

I didn't fully realize the impact until I returned to work, it really has had a positive affect, and I am looking forward to planning for the future.

Karen K.

I can' thank you enough for all of your guidance and encouragement. You have an amazing ability to read people and to encourage them to find clarity in expressing their desires.

Deborah H.

Confirmed, that as an entrepreneur, I do not have to do everything myself. In fact, I will be most abundant when I choose to follow and develop my inner gift that sings to me the loudest!

Colleen W.

Every day, I wake up and I feel so incredibly lucky because I am living my life's passion.

Andrea G.

I left each feeling inspired to make life-changes and empowered with the tools to accomplish the task.

Susan F.