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10 Questions to Ask Before You Start a Business

By Andrea Jacques

Are you really ready to jump ship and start a business?

The transition from employee to potential employer can be quite a leap. It can be as hectic and intimidating as it is rewarding both financially and personally. LISA GIRARD  offers 10 great questions to think about before you decide to go for it.

1. Is this going to make me happier?    
2. Is the timing right?   
3. How will I cover my expenses?     
4. Do I have the support of family and close friends?     
5. How much am I willing to change my lifestyle?    
6. Do I truly have the discipline to be my own boss?
7. Can I test the waters without giving up my current job?
8. Are there skills I still need to brush up on?
9. Am I sure my business idea is sound?
10. Do I have a business plan?

If one of these questions give you an answer that you aren’t satisfied with, it might be best to wait before making the leap into entrepreneurship. In our experience, the answer to number 9 is one of the most critical. The source of many of our clients struggles is that their business model is flawed in some way. The good news is that it often takes only a few small tweaks to make it workable and get them on the road to profiting from their idea. A bit more time spent gathering input from qualified sources (not necessarily friends and family!) to refine your concept can go a long way to avoid costly mistakes, prevent frustration, be able to leave your day job more quickly and safely as you start your business. Make sure you are holding all of the aces before you go all in.


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