6 Top CEOs Share The Key to Success

By Andrea Jacques

Success can be reached via many different paths. Some say it’s a strong idea. Others say it’s passion or drive. Six of BC’s top CEO’s agreed on one thing – people are key.

Finding the right right people, getting them in the right positions, keeping them, engaging them in their work, maximizing their potential, minimizing their mistakes – research is proving that all of this is critical. Our work over the last 25 years with many leading organizations echoes this, but it is easier said than done. Engaging the full potential of each individual, team, and the whole organization requires far more than just good hiring practices, a stocked company kitchen, or feel-good team-building retreats. It requires that leaders understand how to help each person that you hire continuously tap into their own passions, optimize their energy, and focus all of this on achieving results that matter not only to the company, but to themselves.

For companies to be successful, each individual in the organization must be supported to find their own version of success. It is not the same for everyone. And contrary to popular belief, money is not the biggest part of most people’s definition of success. Research shows that once base financial needs are met, increasing salary will not increase an employees commitment to the company and their desire to give their best. What will? Recognition. The ability to make a difference. The feeling that their opinions matter and that they are cared about as a person, not just a cog in the corporate machine.

Check out the video to find out what the CEO’s had to say in their own words:


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