Love your life and work.

In today’s fast-paced global economy, the days of keeping life and work separate are long gone. Creating success without compromising fulfillment requires a different approach.

If you are one of the growing ranks of purpose-driven individuals who suspect that meaning comes before money, that fulfillment drives performance, and that aligning your work with your passions is essential not only to your wellbeing, but to creating a world where we all can thrive, you’ve found your tribe.

At Kyosei Coaching we’re on a mission to help you transform your work, amaze yourself, and change the world. Check out our programs below to learn more about how you can be part of the revolution for a new vision of work.

Purpose Driven Work

Life's too short to spend the majority of your waking hours doing something that doesn’t bring you fully alive. If you fall into the 83% of workers worldwide who are not passionate about their work, our Purpose Driven Work coaching program will help you to discover the work you were meant to do and create a career, and a life, you love.

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Life-Work Integrity®

Are you longing for work life balance, struggling with the stress that accompanies success, or simply wanting to raise the bar on your energy, alignment, and fulfillment? The Life-Work Integrity coaching program takes you beyond balance with a proven program for increasing performance and fulfillment in all areas of your life and work.

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The Kyosei Advantage:

Long-term focus.

With more than two decades of experience, we know what it takes to shift you from a career to a calling. Our experience allows us to help you successfully navigate the short term realities of the job hunt and the need to sustain your income while crafting a vision for your ideal life and work. We don't promise quick fixes because we know it takes time to challenge you to delve deeper, dream bigger, and identify your purpose and move you forward on a career path that will bring authentic and lasting fulfillment for the long term.

Designing your future vs. repackaging your past.

We excel at getting you out of the “resumé rut” – a career path that is limited by what you have done in the past. Many career coaches start by looking at the skills and knowledge you have gained in the past and trying to determine how these might be transferable to open up more suitable career opportunities for you.

We start by identifying your four Core Passions. Your Core Passions represent your natural values, style, talents and interests and inform your purpose and vision. They are the foundation for creating meaningful work that energizes and enlivens you – the kind of work that fills you up rather than draining you. Once you understand these Passions and have a vision for your future, we then work with you to identify the transferable skills and knowledge you have – or the ones you need to develop – in order to chart a course from where you are to where you want to be. Whether you think you need to make a big career leap or a small one, our proven process will ensure that the leap you make is based on your ultimate possibility, rather than being limited by your current reality.

Tools for a lifetime.

Rather than taking you through a few quick assessments, looking at your resume, and asking a few focused questions to determine your next job target, we reveal the process and tools that will allow you to sustain passion and purpose in your work for the rest of your life. Past Clients from all over the world regularly get in touch to tell us they still use the tools they got from us to help them stay on track.

Over 20 years of passion and innovation.

Our founder, Andrea Jacques, has been helping people find their passions and translate this into meaningful, fulfilling and prosperous work for over twenty years.

This depth and breadth of experience is transferred to all of our coaches through our Certification Programs. This enables us to give you both the wisdom of those who have navigated the path before you —and the support to find your own wisdom and unique direction. You’ll learn to anticipate roadblocks, prepare for them, address them quickly (or even avoid them altogether), and ensure that the bright vision you create is one you can achieve.